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Davenport Community Culture Day

The Davenport Culture Day was the most successful yet.  Over 700 people attended and enjoyed the day.  There were many cultures represented and we were able to take people on a journey of culture from traditional cultural cooking through to culture in today’s society.

We started the day with the traditional dance of the Umeewarra Lake.  This is a very special dance and involves the Elders singing to the dancers as they approach.  Everyone who was in attendance was enthralled with this special event to start the day.

davenport-03We offered a tour which enabled people to learn about the importance of culture in our everyday lives.  It also told the important story of Davenport and Umeewarra Mission.  They had the opportunity to learn about artefact making and traditional medicine and also the affects of grief and loss in the Aboriginal community.

We shared a lunch of both traditional and contemporary bush tucker and had a tasting table for people to be able to taste different seeds and fruits and learn about their uses.

davenport-02There was a huge photographic display that told the story of Davenport, Umeewarra Mission and Pika Wiya in a very graphic way.

Of course we also had activities for the kids including face painting and sports.

The theme for NAIDOC this year was the bark petitions and so we decided to have a bark petition of our own.  The Umeewarra Mission buildings are under threat and so we have done a petition to save these very important buildings.

davenport-06In the afternoon there were some performances from local Aboriginal people to showcase the talent we have in our community. Umeewarra Radio did a live broadcast from the event encouraging people to come out to Davenport and shared interviews from people who did attend on the day.

davenport-04There were giveaways that included a bag, a cup depicting the Umeewarra Children’s Home, a brochure discussing the importance of the home as well as Umeewarra Radio stickers and pens.

Overall it was a very successful day that that a huge attendance and highlighted the different cultures of this place now called Port Augusta as well as proving the importance of culture to all Australians.

davenport-05We have had nothing but positive feedback from the day from both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.  It was an excellent cultural event and one of the highlights of the NAIDOC Calendar.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors but in particular the Olympic Dam Aboriginal Community Trust because without funding these events simply cannot happen.  Our organisations, Davenport Community Council, Umeewarra Radio and Pika Wiya Health Service can put in a lot of in-kind assistance and a lot of people worked very long hours to ensure the success of the day but without money these events are impossible to facilitate.