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The Olympic Dam Native Title Parties Representative Corporation Pty Ltd, known as NTP Rep Corp, was established under the Olympic Dam Agreement (ODA) and which is an important Agreement between BHP and the Barngarla, Kokatha and Kuyani Native Title groups in regards to the Olympic Dam operations.

NTP Rep Corp consists of one Director (appointed by their respective Management Committee) from each of the three Aboriginal groups whom are signatories to the ODA.  Two representatives from BHP have been appointed by the Company to work with NTP Rep Corp to ensure outcomes are achieved.

These directors are:

Linda Dare – Barngarla
Glen Wingfield – Kokatha
Anthony Clark – Kuyani

A list of all members of Barngarla, Kokatha and Kuyani Management Committee’s are available via the NTP Rep Corp Office.

NTP Rep Corp meets regularly to ensure that the Native Title groups are aware of important information regarding Olympic Dam and works to ensure that the ODA is delivered upon by all Parties. It is also an opportunity for the NTP Rep Corp Directors to relay information and any concerns they may have to BHP about the Olympic Dam operations and the ODA.

The ODA outlines some of the key roles of NTP Rep Corp, which include:-

  • Providing the mechanism for making information available about employment, training, contracting and business opportunities at Olympic Dam to Aboriginal people resident in the Northern Region of South Australia.
  • To facilitate the distribution of information on behalf of NTP Rep Corp to the Barngarla, Kokatha and Kuyani Management Committee’s and other relevant parties (Olympic Dam contracting opportunities, general updates from BHP and other information as provided by BHP).
  • Through the NTP Rep Corp offices – to provide a shop-front for the Olympic Dam Aboriginal Community Trust, established as part of the Olympic Dam Agreement and through which Aboriginal people can apply for support when funding rounds are announced by the Trust Advisory Council.

Roles and responsibilities of the Corporation outside the Olympic Dam Agreement

The Corporation provides the following support to the Kuyani Corporation, the Kokatha Corporation and the Barngarla Corporation which are outside the terms of the ODA:

  • providing meeting rooms and other resources for use in committee meetings and meetings with third parties;
  • assisting with the convening of committee meetings and meetings of members and preparation of relevant notices, agenda and minutes of meeting.
  • assisting with general administration as and when required.
  • assisting with communications to banks, employers, medical appointments etc.
  • obtaining quotes for headstones, catering for wakes etc for funerals on behalf of families.
  • production of eulogy books for funerals on behalf of families.
  • providing computer access via office computers along with internet usage.

Office address
15 Mackay Street Port Augusta SA 5700
PO Box 329 Port Augusta SA 5700
Tel: +61 8 8691 9810
Fax: +61 8 8691 9840
Email: enquiries@olympicdambkk.com.au