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The Charitable Objects and Purposes of the Trust are:

  1. To provide relief from poverty, sickness, suffering, destitution, misfortune and helplessness of the Community
  2. To provide grants, scholarships, bursaries and other assistance (financial or otherwise) for the education, including vocational training and economic and enterprise training of members of the Community
  3. To provide relief from poverty and helplessness in the Community and to promote an entrepreneurial culture in the Community by providing low interest loans for training and assistance in economic and business development in the Community
  4. To promote health in the Community
  5. To provide for the needs of elderly and infirm members of the Community
  6. To provide cultural and heritage benefits to the Community
  7. To provide grants and other assistances (financial or otherwise) for the protection and preservation of the natural environment of the Northern Region of South Australia
  8. To provide transport and communication services to the Community
  9. To provide for the long term needs of future generations of members of the Community
  10. To provide assistance to the Community for housing programmes
  11. To provide funding for, or to implement, Community projects, Community facilities and Community activities for the pursuit of these Charitable Objects and Purposes, and
  12. To arrange funding for the pursuit of these Charitable Objects and Purposes,

To the extent that doing so is charitable at law or is incidental or ancillary to an object that is charitable at law.

How does the trust work?